What is the Propensity to Purchase (In-App Purchases) in Gaming with AppNava?

3 min readSep 13, 2023

Propensity to Purchases (IAP Propensity) with AppNava measures the likelihood of players to do purchases. Understanding a player’s inclination to make IAPs is critical for optimizing revenue and enhancing the player experience in the gaming industry.

What is the Propensity to Purchase for Game?

By definition, it is the likelihood of a potential player to make purchases, also known as In-App Purchase Propensity. It is a crucial concept in the gaming industry.

Why is In-App Purchase Propensity Important in Gaming?

Each player is a potential purchaser. In reality, not all players choose to make in-app purchases. Yet, they all share a common trait: game player behavior and the probability of making IAP.

An IAP Propensity Model predicts which players (potential purchasers) are likely to make in-app purchases and which are not. Understanding this model’s significance is essential for game developers and publishers across various game genres.

  • Mobile and online games often rely on in-app purchases as a primary revenue source.
  • Predicting a player’s likelihood to make IAPs allows game developers and publishers to:

1) Personalize in-game offers and promotions for individual players.

2) Identify high-value players who are more likely to spend and engage them with tailored content.

3) Identify low-value players who are less likely to spend and monetize them with Intersitatial & rewarded ads.

4) Optimize game monetization strategies to maximize revenue.

5) Improve player retention by delivering a more customized gaming experience.

How to Predict IAP Propensity in Games with AppNava:

To predict IAP propensity with AppNava, you need player behavior data, gameplay data, and purchase history data. AppNava, a specialized gaming predictive analytics platform, offers a streamlined approach:

  • Connect your game using our API to automatically collect player data.
  • AppNava performs advanced feature engineering on the data automatically, considering factors like gameplay time, engagement, and social interactions.
  • It trains a variety of machine learning models and selects the most accurate one automatically.
  • The predictions and results are presented on a gaming-specific dashboard, including player segments and insights into their in-game behaviors.
  • AppNava provides easy implementation of these results within the game, allowing for real-time personalization of offers and content.

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Behind the Magic for Gaming IAP Propensity with AppNava:

  • AppNava relies on machine learning algorithms tailored to the gaming industry, enhancing the accuracy of IAP propensity predictions.
  • While most processes are automated, game developers can fine-tune predictions and customize their in-game monetization strategies using AppNava.
  • The platform is designed to be game developer-friendly, eliminating the need for complex coding and providing an intuitive interface.
  • This approach saves significant time and resources, ensuring that game developers can focus on delivering an engaging gaming experience while optimizing revenue streams.

In summary, Propensity to Buy (In-App Purchases) in the gaming industry, as AppNava facilitates, empowers game developers to maximize revenue by understanding player behavior, personalizing in-game offers, and enhancing player engagement. It’s a game-changer for game monetization strategies in today’s competitive gaming landscape.

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