Relation of SKAdNetwork, Conversion Value & Life Time Value

1. What is SKAdNetwork?

It’s been over a year since Apple introduced new privacy-friendly changes to ensure accurate attribution and measurement. There are now two attributions and admeasurement approaches available on iOS: the ATT framework and SKAdNetwork, which manage access to IDFA with user consent.

Photo by Apple Documentation

2. How Does SKAdNetwork Work?

First of all, ad networks must first register with Apple to use the SKAdNetwork API. Also required to sign each ad. According to Apple’s documentation, the SKAdNetwork API framework contains three entities for attribution:

Photo by Apple Documentation
Photo by Apple Documentation

3. SKAdNetwork’s Flow?

1. First, Ad Networks attacted a “signature” to every ad application.

4. Conversion Value

Conversion Value; It is a 6-bit value by which you can recognize from 0 to 64 different post-installation events that occur in the ‘advertised application.’

5. Make the Best Use of Bits

CV 0 is always mapped to install.

6. iOS 15 Update: Adding an Additional Endpoint

When a successful conversion occurred, and the attribution was finished, Apple sent their feedback to the ad networks. The ad network then forwarded the postbacks to advertisers or Mobile measurement partners (MMPs). Now the advertiser will get the data directly from the source. This innovation is better than previous updates.

7. SKAdNetwork Solution Plan with AppNava

Thanks to Apple’s newest iOS 15 update and SKAdNetwork, you can set new endpoints with AppNava and maximize your marketing performance.

  • Setting up the API and DB infrastructure, guaranteeing a smooth data flow (full support to the development team).
  • Returning and validating the conversion value (LTV) within up to 24 hours (AppNava AI model measures the LTV of each user).



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